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Construction Warning

We would like to tell you, our potential clients, what others in the industry may not and that is that the process of construction is often noisy, busy and disruptive. 

Please do not be surprised to find the following:

  • Materials:  We may stock pile material a day before fully arriving on-site with our crew.  This material may be left in a pre-arranged spot on your property or stocked in front of the house on the street.

  • Construction Traffic:  We will be making deliveries and hauling away debris.  Our skid steers may leave black marks on concrete and asphalt.  However, these disappear after a short time and we will also do a thorough power washing upon completion.

  • Dust and Dirt:  Nearly all our work produces unwanted dust and dirt.  We advise customers to close all house doors and windows and remove any outdoor furniture (tables and chairs) from the install area to prevent more unnecessary cleaning.

  • Noise:  Construction is noisy.  For example, our crews will be running saws and compaction equipment along with other power equipment.

  • Pets:  We would also ask that our customers leave their pets indoors.  They will then not be a problem in terms of safety on any level.

  • Landscaping:  This sort of construction is hard on existing landscaping and although every precaution will be made, you should expect minimal damage.

  • Sprinkler System:  Our customer may need to turn off their existing irrigation system for our work and it is nearly impossible to locate underground pipes.  We will locate heads where possible and remove if necessary until construction is complete.

  • Underground Utilities:  We will notify the utility line marking company and allow them to locate all utilities on site prior to excavation.  Though this will get all public utilities, it will not locate homeowner installed electric including dog fences.