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Drainage Design and Installation
Proper drainage in the landscape is as important as proper irrigation. Excess water in the landscape can result in various plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive specimens. Soggy turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from mowing equipment and foot traffic.

J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. can design drainage systems using a variety of techniques that will allow us to remove unwanted water from an area, whether it is on a residential or commercial site. French Drains might be the most recognized form of sub-surface drainage and has become the standard for most landscapers. French drains collect underground water from extremely wet areas and move it to an area that will then allow it to disperse evenly and charge back into the natural ground water.

Additionally, by connecting downspouts, we can move roof water away from buildings and keep it from collecting in planting beds and causing the plants to rot out do to stagnant soils. Piping out downspouts also allows us to remove roof water from collecting along foundation walls. The system that J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. uses to transition into the ground is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and is very unobtrusive in the landscape.

J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. can meet all of your drainage needs, if you have questions about the techniques available to help with your drainage requirements, we encourage you to contact our design team and let them do a complete drainage evaluation for your property.