The Team

James Downend



Jim began his career in landscaping at a local nursery. He took great interest in landscape design and soon began doing work outside of his nursery job during his free time. As his natural talent for design grew, so did his desire to own his own business. In 1982 Jim purchased his first truck and began J. Downend Landscaping. Unlike many others in this industry, he picked up a shovel instead of choosing to push a lawnmower. Jim spent the first five years in business installing landscapes until he brought his brother Joe on to begin his maintenance division.

Jim has always stressed several important facts to his supervisors, crew leaders, and laborers. Think of each landscape as if it were your own creation, treat the client’s property as if it were your own, and take pride in all the work you do. These philosophies can be seen with each project our crews complete. Our staff has taken these points to heart and at the completion of each project, they all take a moment to look back at the job they have done and admire the end result.

To this day, Jim continues to create unique and functional landscape designs. You will not find him sitting behind a desk, but you may find him operating a piece of equipment or using a shovel to help achieve the results and desired effect he is looking for. He supervises and inspects his own crews on a daily basis and there is not a project going on that he does not see at some point during the construction process.

Joseph Shiber

Vice President/Treasurer


Joe started his career shortly after Jim Downend formed J. Downend Landscaping. Jim’s main focus was on landscape design and installation, but he saw the need for a maintenance division as he continued to grow his business. This is when J. Downend Landscaping became a family endeavor. Jim asked his brother Joe to help him create and manage his newly formed maintenance division. At this point, Joe began to market the company’s services and supervise the daily operations of the maintenance division.

One of Joe’s first landscape maintenance clients was Willistown Knoll, a new homeowners association in Newtown Square. They became our largest account and still continue to be one of our most well-maintained properties to this day. When Joe brought this site into our portfolio, the site was still under construction. Through our dedication to proper techniques and the education of the property owners, we have been successful in developing a healthy, beautiful landscape that has been a source of pride for all that live in the community.

Edward Karen

Account Manager


Ed joined J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. in 1999 and brought with him 18 years of landscape maintenance experience. He began as a maintenance foreman on one of our grass cutting crews. He was responsible for the maintenance of many residential communities. Showing a willingness to learn, Ed was moved into a position that had him managing work orders, trimming, pruning and small landscaping projects. Through hard work and dedication, Ed was able to move up to a supervisory position in our maintenance division. For the past 6 years, Ed has managed several of our grass cutting and extra crews, scheduling and coordinating do to specific requirements of the industry. Ed continues to be an integral part of our organization and will continue to be someone you can trust to maintain your property at its fullest potential.

Bill Ebinger

Turf, Tree & Shrub Specialist


Bill joined J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. in 2000, bringing with him 10 years of industry experience. Bill was initially brought on as a site supervisor in a large retirement community and he quickly proved himself to be both detail-oriented and able to follow client direction. As an opening became available, Bill was given the opportunity to take over our Fertilization Division. Since doing so, Bill has continued his education in the field and is always keeping up with and learning about the new products hitting the market. During the off-season, Bill is also involved in training seminars.

David Turberville

Landscape Designer & Sales

Patrick Healy

Account Manager

Carlos A. Serrano

Landscape Production Manager

Amber Perez

Account Manager/Safety/HR

David Shiber

Account Manager

Luke Scogna

Account Manager

Sue Mowbray

Office Manager

Heather DePillo