Joseph Shiber

Joe started his career shortly after Jim Downend formed J. Downend Landscaping. Jim’s main focus was on landscape design and installation, but he saw the need for a maintenance division as he continued to grow his business. This is when J. Downend Landscaping became a family endeavor. Jim asked his brother Joe to help him create and manage his newly formed maintenance division. At this point, Joe began to market the company’s services and supervise the daily operations of the maintenance division.

One of Joe’s first landscape maintenance clients was Willistown Knoll, a new homeowners association in Newtown Square. They became our largest account and still continue to be one of our most well-maintained properties to this day. When Joe brought this site into our portfolio, the site was still under construction. Through our dedication to proper techniques and the education of the property owners, we have been successful in developing a healthy, beautiful landscape that has been a source of pride for all that live in the community.