Design & Installation

As designers, we strive to integrate your ideas and desires with our vision in order to create a design that exceeds your expectations while enhancing the beauty of your home. Our talented landscape designers will be involved from a project’s design through construction to ensure that our high standards are met and no detail is missed. We are recognized for our experience in handling any size project from small to large and reaching a successful realization.

Professional Hardscaping Near Me

The final step in the design process is the installation of the landscape design. The J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. staff will make sure all material is ready when the job is started. This assures the client that the job gets completed without delays. The installation crews arrive with well documented landscape designs and a working knowledge of the finalized proposals for all projects. Our installation crews are headed by an experienced Landscape Foreman that on average has been with our company for a minimum of 4 to 6 years. Our Landscape Designers keep the clients informed about when their job is scheduled to be completed and will make sure the design created on paper is implemented in the ground.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Though never found in any dictionary, Hardscaping is defined as the materials used in your outdoor living space which does not grow. Patios, walkways, walls and man made structures-all define Hardscaping. But more important than what defines Hardscaping is how it defines your outdoor living spaces. Today’s landscapes are becoming more integrated with numerous elements, most of which are designed with some form of hardscape as the base element. While landscaping helps accentuate the natural beauty of your property, the hardscaping is the backbone of any design; it helps carry the burden of balancing form and function. Hardscaping typically creates the space, whether it be a place to entertain guests or to frame a scenic view with the use of custom arbors, the design of the hardscape will set the tone for the entire landscape. Our designers will pay careful attention to detail when creating your design and make every attempt to exceed your expectations while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your ideal outdoor living space.

Let J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. turn an ordinary yard into an extraordinary extension of your homes living space. Our designers have created custom hardscapes that have included natural stone retaining walls, patios, paver patios and walks, segmental retaining walls, decks, arbors, trellises other unique features designed to enhance any landscape.

Low-voltage Landscape Lighting

As night falls the relationship between your home and your landscape starts to fade and for many homeowners, their landscape investment can only be enjoyed on weekends during daylight hours. This lack of daily enjoyment is easily solved by transforming the night landscape into an enjoyable show of light. With proper design and installation, landscapes will emerge from the dark with the use of subtle lighting to create wonderful shapes in hauntingly beautiful settings back dropped by existing structures and surroundings. Whether glowing from the use of a properly placed light under a stately tree or elegantly outlined against a brick wall by a spot light, landscape lighting provides in great detail the depth and texture through the use of shadows, colors and shading.

J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. can provide an outdoor lighting plan for all new and existing landscapes that capture the unique qualities of your home and gardens. Our goal will be too enhance your property by extending the hours of enjoyment and improving the safety of your surroundings for both your family and guests. After a careful evaluation of existing site conditions we can than create a plan to achieve the outdoor lighting effects you will enjoy as your landscape matures through the years.

Fence, Deck, and Arbor Design & Installation

J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. is a full service Design Build Firm with many years of creating custom structures for our clients. In many cases, we are also able to implement the use of prefabricated structures such as gazebos, garden structures as well as cedar and pressure treated fencing, gates, pergolas and trellises. Our staff of talented designer’s is also able to create custom structures to meet the client’s needs and compliment any design.

Water Feature Design & Installation

A pond, waterfall, or fountain tends to become the focal point for any landscape, so careful planning is a must. Deciding on what kind of water feature you would like, where you would like it in the design, and how your budget will dictate the size of the feature are all decisions that will dictate proper design.

With a decade worth of experience in water gardening, J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. has been able to offer our clients designs that include distinctive water features and fountains that turn a quiet landscape into and tranquil setting with the soothing sound of moving water.

Drainage Design and Installation

Proper drainage in the landscape is as important as proper irrigation. Excess water in the landscape can result in various plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive specimens. Soggy turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from mowing equipment and foot traffic.

J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. can design drainage systems using a variety of techniques that will allow us to remove unwanted water from an area, whether it is on a residential or commercial site. French Drains might be the most recognized form of sub-surface drainage and has become the standard for most landscapers. French drains collect underground water from extremely wet areas and move it to an area that will then allow it to disperse evenly and charge back into the natural ground water.

Additionally, by connecting downspouts, we can move roof water away from buildings and keep it from collecting in planting beds and causing the plants to rot out do to stagnant soils. Piping out downspouts also allows us to remove roof water from collecting along foundation walls. The system that J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. uses to transition into the ground is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and is very unobtrusive in the landscape.

J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. can meet all of your drainage needs, if you have questions about the techniques available to help with your drainage requirements, we encourage you to contact our design team and let them do a complete drainage evaluation for your property.

Commercial/Residential Irrigation Installation

Efficient irrigation is an essential part of keeping your property and investment looking its best. Your lawn and landscape require proper watering to stay healthy and remain looking its best. Through proper installation, monitoring and repairs when necessary, your irrigation system and sprinklers will keep your landscape looking its’ best for years to come. A well designed and properly installed system will save you both time and money by helping provide the necessary water that all things need to survive. J. Downend Landscaping, Inc.’s staff of professionally trained technicians has been serving the Delaware Valley for the past 25 years and has a working knowledge of the cultural requirements of a landscape installed under our local conditions.

Our Irrigation Services Include:

  • New sprinkler system design/installation
  • Existing irrigation system modifications
  • Irrigation and sprinkler repairs
  • Valve location